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Bimini Boa Tops

Bimini Boa Top Covers. 

Take a Look Around at our Bimini Boat Bops

Don't Let too much sun cut your boating day short! Taylor Made Bimini Boat Tops provide lots of refreshing shade while affording you visibility over your windshield instead of just through it. These Boat Bimini Tops are freestanding, providing more air circulation, and can be mounted in several locations on the boat.  Note: Bimini Tops for Boats should never be open when boat speed is over 25 mph.


Please Select your Bimini Height.

Selecting your Bimini Boa.

Measure your height form where  the deck mounts will be and then straight up. Choose  from 36" , 42" or 54".

Next determine the lenght of your top choosing from 4', 6' or 8', depending on your height.

Determine the width of the frame from the deck mount on one side of the boat to the same location on the opposite side of the boat.

*Remember; The combinaion of the height and length determine how much shade your Bimini Boa Top will provide. Think about how you use your boat and what you want to shade; for example, if you want to shade yourself and your children in the back, you probably want the  longest Bimini available in a medium height. If you are out fishing by yourself most of the time, you probably want the smaller, shorter Bimini Boa Top.

Don't Forget; The width depends entirely on your boat - You must use a measuring tape to ensure the correct fit!

Taylor Made Bimini Boa Tops included:

  • Non-corrosive, high density black nylon fittings.
  • Heavy-duty thick wall 7/8" bright anodized aluminum tubing.
  • Double-wall tubing in main bow (on larger models).
  • Bow Straps for extra support.
  • Sewn in Bow Sleeve hleps eliminate "parachuting" effect.
  • Both horizontal and vertical hardware included.
  • Adjustable polyropylene tie down straps and strap eyes included.
  • Ultima Fabric Top, Traditional Marine Vinyl is also available.
  • Bimini Boots included except where noted.
  • All sizes shipped unassembled and ship UPS.